Ever since I spotted on Instagram that a pizza place was opening at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley, next to the Mill Kitchen, one of my favourite coffee haunts, I’ve been itching to try it. We are huge pizza fans, and I’m all for having great food in the suburbs, so Grumpy’s is a winning combo for me. It’s been created by a pair of local residents, to be a a social and event space, offering great food and drink for the community in Farsley.

The space has a really relaxed atmosphere, with an open plan set up – the bar in one corner, and the kitchen opposite. It was really busy, with every table full, and lots of chatter at the bar, clearly so popular already!

We grabbed a drink at the bar when we arrived, as our table wasn’t quite ready. Neither of us were very adventurous, and just had our usual go to drinks – a fresh glass of white for me, and a lager for Ali. We were seated pretty swiftly, by the friendly staff, who then forgot to give us menus!


When we finally were noticed again and perused the menu, we decided to get the meat and cheese sharer starter, we were pretty hungry, and thought the meats and cheeses would go nicely with our drinks. The platter was pretty sizeable, with copious amounts of tasty salami, prosciutto, a strong blue, and a sharp cheddar. It was accompanied by salty olives, peppery rocket, apple slices, sourdough, crisp bread and a lovely fruity chutney. I really enjoyed it, I love sipping wine and eating cheese – not much to go wrong with that!


On to the main event – the pizza! All the pizzas at Grumpy’s are named after men, grumpy men perhaps..! I decided on Bob – a tomato base, with blue cheese and basil pesto, with added prosciutto, and it was delightful. A lovely thin base, with a good doughy crust, great blue, and salty meat. It was a brilliant flavour explosion, and I enjoyed every bite!


Ali couldn’t decide between Steve, a pepper and sausage number, and Frank, a pizza with a rosemary pesto base, chicken, onions and tomatoes, and eventually settled on Frank, but when it came to ordering accidentally said Steve! Names aren’t Ali’s forte! Luckily, Steve was a brilliant choice, with spicy sausage, tangy peppers and soft cheese all making a great pizza. We enjoyed our pizzas with another beverage – same again, which unfortunately took an age to come! I love that Grumpy’s was so busy, buzzing and popular, but it did make the service a little slow.

We didn’t have any space left for dessert, and were keen to get back to the baby, although next time I have my heart set on a peanut butter ice cream sandwich! I’d definitely recommend Grumpy’s for great drinks, and a solid pizza, outside of the city centre, I,’m sure we’ll be back.



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