Art’s Cafe

Ali and I finally headed out for a date night last week, the first since little F made her entrance, we are hugely grateful for her Grandma for hanging out with her! We headed to Art’s Cafe, on Call Lane, to take advantage of the last day of their brilliant 50% off food in January. I’d previously been for lunch there a long time ago, I remember the food being good, but I was with an old boss, and it was just a bit weird and awkward, so was grateful to go ago with my favourite person!

Art’s Cafe is a small, intimate restaurant, with a rustic, kind of living room type feel. We were shown to a small table in the corner, got settled in and started with an full bodied Italian red, which went down very nicely, all the while resisting the temptation to check my phone, or text my mother to check on the girl!

For my starter I choose the cider steamed mussels, served in a creamy bacon and onion sauce, with thick fresh bread. They were deliciously light and flavourful, with bursts of bacony goodness in each bite. The bread was hearty and soaked up the creamy sauce really well. Ali had the ham hock and pork belly terrine, served with apple, beetroot, and croutons. This was also really nice, meaty, seasoned well, with a little sweet kick from the apple. In all the excitement of actually being out for dinner, and having a an actual conversation with my husband, without a small child slobbering all over me, I forgot to take pictures of our starters! I can assure you they looked great, and were a brilliant start to the meal.


It took me ages to decide what to have for my main course, I was tempted by the whole menu! I eventually went for the chicken served with wild mushroom and Jerusalem artichoke gnocchi with braised chicory. The chicken breast with beautifully moist, with a crispy pan seared skin, and the gnocchi was pillowy smooth. The sauce had a strong mushroom flavour, and was again really creamy – a bit of a cream overload for me considering my starter, but worked well with chicken and gnocchi. Ali chose the steak, served medium rare, with garlic and truffle butter, chips and a rocket salad. The steak was cooked just right, good and meaty with the smooth, flavourful butter creating a great sauce. We also decided to share a side of spicy polenta chips, because, well, carbs! They were really tasty, with a wonderful texture and good kick.


I was super full after all that food, but really wanted something sweet to round off to meal, so I persuaded Ali to share a dessert with me, promising him that he would get more of it! We shared the triple chocolate brownie, which came with frozen berries and a warm white chocolate sauce. I was glad we got just one dessert, it was huge! It was really chocolatey, gooey and rich, contrasting with the sharp berries and smooth sauce. (Turns out I forgot to take a pic of dessert too! I promise I will master the whole blogging thing one day!) We also had a glass of port each, which made a lovely end to a gorgeous meal.


I throughly enjoyed our date night at Arts Cafe, the food was yummy, the staff friendly and helpful and it wasn’t too pricey, but if you can go when there is a great offer on its a bit better for the bank account! I would definitely recommend it for a relaxed, cosy dinner out.


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